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​​Family Model Care Solutions​​​


The In-Home Care Alternative Home (or Family Model) is a new residential option offered by the State of Colorado and Innovations. This option increases residential choice and allows comprehensive waiver services to be provided in the family home by a paid family member and/or staff as supported by Innovations. In this model, Innovations provides staff members, which can include parents or siblings, for an individual in their family home as opposed to requiring that an individual move out of their home into a Staffed Site or Host Home. This model can be offered for both short-term and long-term services based on the individual needs of the person in services, and can be individualized to meet the needs of each person and their family.

What is the Comprehensive Wavier?

Often families who decide to go into a Family Model setting are transitioning from a different model system such as foster care, SLS, or have recently been transitioned from the wait list. This process can be confusing and the terminology used for various programs may not be the same across all programs. So what is the Comprehensive Waiver?

The Comprehensive Waiver goes by several names. Many people call it the “Comp” Waiver. At the State level it is called the “DD-Waiver,” which comes from its full name as the Home and Community Based Services Waiver for Persons with Developmental Disabilities (HCBS-DD). The DD-Waiver gives an individual and their family the opportunity to have wide-ranging supports and services in a number of community settings.

DD-Waiver Services:

  • Meet the needs of adults with developmental disabilities who require supports and supervision to live safely in the community.
  • Give families the option to continue to provide services in the family home
  • Support individuals who have little to no family supports
  • Include supports, training, habilitation, and supervision needs based on a Service Plan
  • Allow access to 24-hour supervision, supports, training, and habilitation based on a Service Plan
  • Include residential services in a variety of community-based settings, employment or other day services, behavioral support, and transportation as a part of arranged shifts.

Family Model Care Staffing Solutions-Two Options

Innovations has the ability to offer two options when choosing to go into a Family Model Care Solution: The Innovations Comprehensive Family Recruited Employee Model and The Innovations Family Model. Each care solution is geared toward working with the individual in service and their family to ensure that the care and supports are tailored to ensure success in a comprehensive waiver system. The two care solutions listed below are to be considered when family members wish to use outside (non-family) staff to work with their family member. If a family wishes to become the staff working with their family member, then they are considered employees who are supervised and trained by Innovations. Family members are not eligible for benefits, however their hourly rate is higher.

The Innovations Comprehensive Family Recruited Employee Model

The Innovations Comprehensive Family Recruited Employee Model gives the family member the option to be responsible for recruiting and supervising any person who works with their family member. Innovations is responsible for the official hiring and dismissal of staff, but this model allows the family member to stop using a staff person at any time they wish. However, any employee who is operating under this model would not receive benefits and while Innovations would act like an employer of record, the supports are limited to ensuring minimal regulations are met. This model is beneficial for individuals who have an established network of care providers for their loved one who are already accustomed to providing support services.

The Innovations Family Model

The Innovations Family Model offers family members the ability to allow Innovations to be responsible for staffing requirements for the individual in services. Innovations would be responsible for recruiting and hiring staff to work with the individual in services, as well as training and supervision of the employee. Employees under this model are eligible for benefits and Innovations would supervise and manage these employees. Family members can be a paid, non-benefited employee under this model as well.

Family Model-Training and Support

Innovations is committed to providing the resources needed for all staff to be successful, whether they are family members or employees hired by Innovations under the Family Model Option. Innovations is required to complete background checks and reference checks on all employees, to ensure that all employees meet hiring guidelines. Once a person has been hired as an Innovations or Family Recruited Employee, they are provided with extensive training on the disability system, Imagine and Innovations, and how to react to health and safety concerns. The Family Model will also have the support of a supervisor who will provide assistance with scheduling Innovations staff, providing support, and answering any questions throughout the process.

For More Information

If you have any questions or need information about our Family Model Program, please contact: Leah Manchester at 720-544-6902 or Also, please click on the link below to look at our Family Model informational brochure.

Innovations is part of Imagine!, a private, not-for profit corporation that has been providing supports for people who have developmental disabilities since 1963.