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Additional Supports and Services​​
At Innovations, we recognize that individuals are best supported when they have both assistance to meet critical needs and encouragement to develop independent skills. Through our Nursing Services, Financial Services, and Smart Supports, we support individuals around their medical, financial, and technological needs while helping them to develop independence in those areas.

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Nursing Services

Nursing in the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities has become a nationally recognized field. Certified Developmental Disabled Nurses (CDCNs) are caregivers, teachers, and advocates for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Innovations Nurses provide comprehensive care, manage complex case loads, and build relationships with the individual, family, physician, and caregivers. Innovations Nurses also provide training to staff and providers to improve individual health outcomes.

Financial Services

Innovations acts as the Representative Payee for many of the individuals we work with. As the Representative Payee, we assist the individual in managing some or all of their money, as well as ensuring that the individual has access to personal spending money and that their bills are paid each month. When we are selected to be the Representative Payee, we take that responsibility seriously and work diligently to ensure that all paperwork is completed in a timely manner to ensure the individual is able to maintain all of their funding. In addition, if an individual wants to become more independent with their spending money, we will provide assistance to help them achieve that goal.

Smart Supports

SmartHome systems and efficiencies are not limited to Imagine! SmartHomes themselves. The Smart Supports Program is also exploring technology’s potential to provide support for people in any setting, including their family home and individual settings. An assortment of Smart Support systems are currently being evaluated, including advanced prompting and training tools, touch screen interfaces, scheduling and communication portals, remote monitoring of critical health metrics, and sensors to help family members and caregivers follow and understand what is happening in the home. The systems, information, and lessons learned from this “living laboratory” are considered with an eye towards helping people without the resources for residential services, for increasing people’s independence, and for helping families caring for a loved.

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An Emphasis on Skill Aquisition

One of Imagine! Innovations' core beliefs is that every individual has the ability to learn new skills, and it is the goal of Innovations to ensure that all individuals are supported in this and that all staff are trained on how to provide this support.

Through the combined efforts of Innovations' Training Plan Coordinator and modules created by Licensed Psychologist Jeff Kupfer, Ph.D., BCBA-D titled "Principles of Learning and Teaching", Innovations has created an atmosphere of teaching and support that is available to all individuals at Innovations.

Innovations is part of Imagine!, a private, not-for profit corporation that has been providing supports for people who have developmental disabilities since 1963.